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Inflexible payment arrangements

Question asked by ggreenly on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by shaw-don

Shaw, I'm frustrated beyond belief; specifically with Shaw's new payment arrangement / payment extension policy, and generally with recent support I've received from Shaw.


A few weeks ago I tried to arrange a payment extension both over the phone and via online Shaw chat.  It seems Shaw has decided to go with an automated service for payment arrangements.  Unfortunately, that automated system lacks any flexibility whatsoever.


One issue is that arrangements will not be recorded by Shaw unless you're within 14 days of when you'll be able to pay.  So I knew several weeks ago that I would be needing an arrangement, but Shaw online chat and phone support would not record this information for me on my file.  So I had no ability to let Shaw know early that I needed to make an arrangement, even though I was telling them this on the phone.  Customer support pretty much saying they can't record my need for an arrangement until later in the month, blocking me from providing advance notice with my account past due.


Another issue is that once I was finally able to make a payment arrangement later in the month, there was no flexibility in the amount of the payment arrangement.  I dutifully filled out the payment arrangement form online at My Shaw, trying to let them know when I was going to make a payment.  But the inflexibility of the form didn't allow me to input how much I'd be able to pay, simply indicating that I"d have to pay it in full.  Somehow payment in full includes my next payment which is NOT YET DUE on the date I made the arrangement for.  How is that fair?  I simply can't afford to pay my bill in full plus the not yet due payment; when I tried to speak with a Shaw online chat support person they said it's out of their hands.  So the advice of the support person had me confused at this point.  They said go ahead and just pay what you can and see what happens, then they gave me the phone number for Shaw Disconnection services.  I really didn't feel right about any of that.  See what happens?  Did that mean I'd for certain have my account suspended?  Was it a threat?  I don't want to disconnect, I want to keep my Shaw account going and I've been trying to make arrangements for three weeks now that I'll be able to handle but I'm blocked at every attempt.


Separately, I have other recent support issues about being assured TWICE by two separate Shaw support reps that a cancelled auto-payment would not be put through my account, and yet it was.  I had to go into my bank to arrange a claw-back (which Shaw accepted and returned the funds).  I filled out a survey that was sent to me from Shaw that explained this issue in detail about how I was upset that support reps assured me of one thing and they were both wrong, and about how that cost me time and money and a great deal of stress, but I didn't get any response from the back from the survey.


Upset and disappointed and very concerned about the inflexibility of payment arrangements, and generally about my interactions with Shaw support as of late.