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Who can I call to resolve an ongoing problem.  Every time I call in or do chat I get a different answer.  I want to talk to someone who actually can solve my problem without getting a run around and having to wait forever on hold!

Question asked by lenglish on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by dwilson92

In March of 2017 I called from the States to arrange for Internet in our apartment.  We were in the process of moving back to Alberta.


I explained that we spent time in the States every year and wanted the option to sleep our account.  I was told I would need to sign a two year contract but should be able to sleep it when we were away.  I arranged to have my credit card for auto debit every month.  A technician was right on time to set us up on moving day and we thought everything was fine.


Three months later we could not access our internet.  I called in to see if there was problems in our area and to my surprise was told they cut us off due to non payment.  I told them that I had an auto debit on my card, they said they had no record of a card on my account.  I asked why I wasn't notified they said they didn't know but would put me through to billing.  After another very long wait billing told me they did have my card on file even read the last four digits off to me.  They could not answer why we had been cut off either.


In Oct of 2017 I called in to sleep our account and was then told I couldn't do it while in the two year contract.  When I told them that was not what I was told, they said I should have called in and talked to someone rather than booking online.  I told them I had done that, that I didn't book on line they said it showed that I had booked on line.  This was not correct.  We ate the cost of the Internet when we were away.


Tonight I called in to see if we might add cable to our account.  I also asked if we added cable if there was any chance we could then sleep our account and explained the whole situation to her again.  Again I was told no, not as long as we were in a contract.  I told her what was said to me back in March and she basically said I had agreed to it in the contract (which I might add, we never were sent a copy and to which there is nothing about sleeping an account in it).  She insisted we had been sent a copy.


i am so frustrated by being told something different every time I speak to someone.  I don't trust that I will even get the correct information now.  We would like to stay with Shaw but we do need the capability of sleeping our account.  We would like to add cable but if we can't sleep our account it is more beneficial for us to pay out the account and go else where.  Who can I talk to about this that will give us the correct info???