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Random latency spikes and timeouts while hardwired and tested with 3+ modems

Question asked by yaboku on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by corbin

Since I play CS:GO at a semi-professional level, I've been getting frustrating at the amount of gunfights I had that are unfair and unwinnable despite having the advantage and being able to overwhelm the opponent with skill. I really need to fix these issues so I can have a fair game in my place. I also noticed that my game feels really stuttery, choppy  and bullets dont hit when they should when I fight people despite having consistent and proper FPS (250-300+ in Source Engine standards).  After playing around with fixes for 1.5+ years, like buying a new modem (used a TC4300 that reboots within every 5 minutes and literally defective SB6141 with loss and latency spikes off the bat), switching to purefibre telus with improper installation that led to unstable signal levels and let the issues still run loose, moving to new address and buying a new set of computer hardware (from i5-4460 to i7-7700k combined with GTX 1070). I've decided to say that I noticed this is an issue within Shaw's network. Recently, I tried out a reseller connection called lightspeed, used a TC4300 and SB6141 modem and ran a winMTR that still had the same results within the nearest node having latency spikes up to 3000+ ms despite having nothing going on within my network setup. We have no TV, nobody streaming during that test and was only using the port from the modem itself. The issue still persists even after moving from my old Vancouver address to the new Richmond address. I even used the XB6 from my sister's shaw account and ran another test then the issues are still visible even with bridge mode enabled. This is ridiculous, I don't know what the actual issue and I already ran out of ideas on how to fix it. I even ran clean boot windows 7 with nothing absolutely going on and the spikes are still happening. My signal levels are fine too. The downstream power is around 4, SNR is 40 and upstream power is 42.