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This Gateway PVR is KILLING ME!!! since last night the tv keeps skilling, getting no sound and then completely freezing. Ag first i thought my remite needed new batteries sonce none of the buttons would work. And the last OVR we hot blew up our $4K tv. No

Question asked by kellbell7 on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by shaw-don

Gateway dudnt wirk properly since last night. Froze all day. Unplugged it. Worked about 20 minutes, though still skipped ahead and sound went, turned ig back, still skipped. Skipped on live tv. Tried ipad pro Shaw Free range tv. That worked, tv in other room worked. And now has been frozen for over an hour. No buttons work on remote. Can only turn tv off and on. Changed batteries, thise ones were new lithium ones, tried new new lithium ones. Netflix works but not the regular tv.