Why are you unable to transfer accounts

Discussion created by heathert on Jun 7, 2018
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As a long time customer (through my parents and previous accounts with my roommates) I was quite upset to find out that I am not able to transfer my account that is fully under my name to my ex-fiance who will be residing at our condo. I am moving into my parents home which already has Internet 150 and Shaw Cable. They told me I have to pay out the contract. 


Normally I would understand, however the service is not changing location or users in a way. I just cannot have my name attached with my ex-fiance. We cannot have monthly did you pay the bill conversations and I do not have an extra 170 to pay out the contract as I am now incurring several unexpected moving costs. 


Enmax, which I also signed a 2 year contract with, cancelled with no fees and set up a new account under his name. 


Frankly at the end of the day I am not able to pay an additional 80 a month or 170 this month. When I was told after speaking with people on the phone and online chat that we would likely be able to help me out to be told "we can't do that" was upsetting. 


I work for a rural internet company and I know there are ways around rules. I asked if we could add his name then remove mine in a month, no. I asked if we would "suspend or hibernate" my account and I will start it back up as soon as I am able to move out again (likely 6 months- was told no). Asked is there was any way they would cancel and let me pay in installments - was told no. At the end of thr day they are not loosing money by allowing my ex fiance to take over the account where the internet was already installed. No installers need to come. It is a simple name change. I was told if I did not sign a contract this would not be an issue - as I said before other companies such as Enmax has no issues switching or canceling without a fee. 


I basically from now on will be very weary of Shaw. Any company who would rather make a $160 on someone who is in a really shitty unexpected situation is not somewhere I want to be. If I did not already have the same service I an paying for at my parents I would be keeping the service - or would have.