Frustrations with Bravo

Discussion created by hjnicol on Jun 13, 2018
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First off, good news !  This is not a discussion with negative comments about Shaw.  I have been critical over CTV Vancouver not being available in the Okanagan in HD, it is now, thank you !

At this moment my frustration is with Bravo, a "two parter".  I didn't watch "Major Crime" when it was being originally broadcast.  I don't even know what channel/network televised it.

I've discovered, albeit late and want to binge watch it.

It's currently being shown on Bravo.  BUT Bravo is very inconsistent  in their scheduling.

I recorded 3 episodes of the episodes that turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour movie.

Now the 4th part of a 4 part episode "not aired" and an entire 4 part episode series, which ironically were the last 4 of the show's final season.

My gripe is that it is impossible to contact Bravo, what a great way to limit emails !

The "Contact Us" tab gives one 4 options

- Mail a letter (WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

- Send an email (great)

   - email option 1 "to report a problem with our web site"

   - email option 2 "for Bravo mobile app related issues"

   - email option 3 "for issues with video closed captioning"

That my friends is it.

I guess they figure nobody that ever watches Bravo, has any concerns with programing.


Thought ?  Shaw is a lot more important to Bravo than me, I'm sure they have contact people.  In the past Shaw's answer is "we have no say in what is broadcast, contact the network"  Ya, I would, if I could.

Oh and also, there are only 5 shows on Bravo's portion of Shaw's "Video on Demand", and of course Major Crime isn't one of them.


Maybe the option is to just stop watching Bravo.  Maybe contact the advertisers for this show ????