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Could there be a billing error on my first bill after set up and installation?

Question asked by blueskytv2018 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by shaw-tony

My installation occurred on Apr 2.18, and that was the same day your invoice was issued, I should of only had the cost of install of 149.85 plus 1 month of cABLE and internet at $115 thus totalling 254.85 but my bill shows 343.84, and it appears I have been billed for a previous month, which there was none.

Could you please check into this before payment is made?

then on my 2nd bill due june 2.18 is at higher cost for bundle than the 115 cost plus tax. The large tv pkg increased from 85.06 to 87, the internet charge went from 105.16 to 110, and I though I was on a fixed 2 year savings plan as I locked in?

Could you please sort this out and explain the questions to me please.

Thank you,