The newest Gateway "feature" is driving me nuts...

Discussion created by tetzy on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by sunnyinvic

The most recent update of the Gateway code has a new feature: Live television when we haven't requested it.


Press "menu" on the remote and the gateway gives us the menu and makes the small TV window in the top right corner display live television, complete with volume. Every single time we press the menu button. Didn't happen before, and I don't want it now. It forces us to hit the "stop" button to make it go away. Pressing the PVR button makes the screen live too - there's no getting away from the goddamned thing.


Was the volume on the last program you watched LOUD? If yes, that unwanted live screen will be equally loud. Can't sleep at ten-minutes-to-two in the morning? - You'll wake your Wife. Possibly the kids too.


More, every time you press "stop" at the end of a PVR recording it goes live again, but this time that "stop" button doesn't respond because the Gateway is questioning if you want to delete the program instead.


Honestly Shaw, why wouldn't you allow those of us who prefer the quiet the ability to TURN IT OFF?