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i have had pixelation problems for a year now, there have been almost 20 service calls.my unit was rewired and have had three cable boxes, foreman have been here and it was looked into by engineers. after all of this shaw cannot find what is causing the problem! i was told basically i just have to live with the problem. it is unacceptable that they cannot find the problem. shaw should not be in the cable business if they cannot fix problems.unfortunately for me there is no other cable company in my area to switch to. telus has just as many problems with their tv service so i am stuck with this pathetic service. also their customer service is a joke, no one bothered to call me to tell me that they were done working on the problem i had to call them. shaw does not care about its customers, now with all the lay offs at shaw the service is even worse. shaw should join the circus because they are a bunch of clowns!!!!!!!!!!