why can't shaw fix anything??????????

Discussion created by mikejbc on Jun 29, 2018

i have had pixelation problems for a year. i have had almost 20 service calls,my suite was rewired and the problem was escalated to shaw's advanced technical operations. after all this i still get pixelation on every channel, sometimes it's just a blip,sometimes the whole picture breaks up and other times the picture goes out all together. every time i ask for answers about this i am always told "i don't know or "we don't know. i am just given the run around and they hope i will just go away. if shaw cannot fix things they should not be in business. another issue is being told different things by different people, i just get b.s. from all the people i talk to. calling the technical support number is a joke, every time i call i get the recording "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes" and on hold for up to an hour.when i am lucky enough to reach someone they are often rude, not knowledgeable and  do nothing for me. shaw recently laid off alot of their phone staff so the millionaire share holders can make even more off of all of us. unfortunately for me there is not another cable company here in b.c and the only other alternative is telus optik tv, which i have heard and read is not much better. get your act together shaw and stop screwing people around.