New Shaw on Demand interface and function - key info missing

Discussion created by debrajackson on Jun 5, 2018

When I first tried it a week ago, I thought "", and I was quickly disappointed.

The new SOD is as clunky as the old one, and is missing some key information from the show and movie descriptions.


1) Where is the year the movie/show was filmed?

2) Where is the date the episodes of current shows was originally aired?

3) Where is the rating of the movie?

4) Why aren't all seasons of HBO series available? I pay good money for HBO and hardly watch any of the movies I have to buy to get HBO.

5) You offer "Cast and Crew" info, but it is scant and useless when you list three or four names with no other info. We all know who Tom Hanks is, but who is the crew and what are their titles? Totally useless function if you can't give us more than that.

6) Why do we have to keep pushing up, up, up on the remote when we're looking at movies to get back up to the top of the page to change the category we are searching? Huge time-waster. This function is NOT intuitive at all.


All-in-all, sad to say, not impressed. It's like Shaw is constantly lagging years behind other cable providers, or giving us the hand-me-downs.