Full-time Streamer Suddenly Having Upload Consistency Issues

Discussion created by callexpe on May 30, 2018
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Hi Shaw,


I've been a full-time livestreamer for 2 years. My internet has been decent over this time with only a few hiccups but every one of them has related to consistent upload rates.

I'm on the 150/15 plan, and speedtest shows this as correct. The issue is not with the overall speed, it's that there is poor consistency in my upload rate. This is of course an issue for streaming since you need to upload at a consistent rate.

Whether I'm uploading at 1000kbps, or 6000kbps (my typical), the wavering issue still happens intermittently.

Whether I'm uploading a file to Google drive, or a video to Youtube, or a large file to anywhere, I can monitor my upload throughput using Task Manager or Bandwidth monitor and see the same results-- The upload rate is consistent for a while, then it goes to 20%, 10%, 0, and all over the place resulting in huge dips. (see graphs below)


What this translates to with streaming is dropped frames, choppy video and sometimes the stream stopping completely. (see second graph below from Twitch Inspector)


I want to reiterate that the issue happens regardless of where I am uploading to, it's not a streaming specific issue so it's not on Twitch or Youtube's end, I can reproduce the issue uploading to many different reliable servers.


Here are some facts about my setup:

- I am hardwired, the only device on the network and wifi is disabled.

- I disable all software that might be using the upload (and I monitor this with Task Manager)

- Latest driver updates, everything is clean and secure.

- Modem has been reprovisioned a couple days ago

- Shaw Tech has visited the residence and checked all signals, replaced an amplifier just in case.

- Shaw has checked for area saturation, and the area is clear.

- I had this issue last year and Maintenance was sent out with the cherrypicker to tighten and repair lines at the street level. It was fixed for almost exactly a year.

- I have the Hitron Modem

- One tech on Twitter support said some of my signals were low at that time, while the tech that was here in person said that they were great.


I would really like some help with this as soon as you are able, Streaming is my full-time and only job and I have had to take off a week so far, it's very important to me that I continue to be able to work.


I can provide any and all data to you, please diagnose this problem for me.