Internet Disconnects

Discussion created by aaron_p on Jun 7, 2018

Hi there, 


This will be a little long winded, so apologies in advance.


For the past 2 years I've been experiencing minor internet disconnects, 8-20 times a day for about 1-10 seconds each. I had chalked it up to having the Hitron cgnm-2250 and the know bug with the puma 6 chipset. So when the Arris XB6 was announced I upgraded immediately, renewing my 2 year contract as was required for the upgrade.


I've been on the Arris XB6 for about a month now and the disconnects continue. Thinking it was something on my end, since the infrastructure hasn't been touched in a while, I upgraded the RG6 coaxail cable and connectors. Along with the two sets of Ethernet cable my house uses. I also tried bridging the modem with the Asus RT-86u router. Unfortunately none of these things worked.


This is where I'm at now and I'm not sure how to proceed. Is Shaw able to track these disconnects remotely? Or has anyone experienced something like this and has found a solution?