Shaw Increases Prices Again

Discussion created by 5thej on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by cpmrich36

I like how Shaw notified in latest bill how the rates for everything are going up once again by $8. How do they get away with this and it not having to go before a board for review. Meanwhile, i've lost channels which Shaw has taken away from me along with their downright awful service for TV/Internet/Phone. Totally unreliable. When you call Shaw to find out what's going on reps all have nothing but total attitudes and such arrogance.


If only U.S. companies would come to Canada but instead anytime there's any talk of it Shaw/Bell/Rogers/Telus all cry poverty like such children. All their fanboy supporters are total joke too.


Another thing too is how we moved several yrs ago when someone from Shaw showed up on the day they weren't suppose too and the person wasn't even tech. Throws cable box at us without explaining how it works or anything about it, including how he claimed VCR won't work with it which turned out to be a total lie 100%.


We're seriously considering cancelling everything from Shaw. Phone service has been totally unimpressive as it goes down right along with TV/Internet. Should have stayed with our previous phone carrier. Saving a few extra $$ hasn't been worth it from Shaw. If someone needs to call 9-1-1 and there's no phone to do so.