City of Vancouver Free Wifi, help, challenged for a password

Discussion created by warbler on Jun 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by shaw-harvey

This is a question related to City of Vancouver Free Wifi which I understand is offered by Shaw, hoping someone can help me. I have a Shaw Internet account so have access to Shaw Go Wifi, but I've been telling visitors to look for the free City of Vancouver wifi hotspots. But they report they need to sign in with a password. So I tested VanWifi today and I was also challenged with a password. Here were my steps:


1. Turned off cell data to be sure my connection was through wifi.

2. Walked around downtown until I found and connected to #VanWiFi which brought me to a page https://wifisignon-shaw.ca which showed the City of Vancouver logo.

3. I checked the box "Accept Terms of Use" and clicked Connect, this updated the log-in page to the Shaw customer sign-in page.

4. Still connected to https://wifisignon.shaw.ca  but now showing the Shaw GoWifi logo and Shaw GoWifi sign in page.  I was presented with two choices, "Shaw Internet Customers" and "Guest". I tried "Guest" but got the message "You must be a Shaw Internet customer to access Shaw Go Wifi at this location". I'm missing something because other people posting about VanWiFi in various forums say connections are quick and it works for them. But my visitor friends and I were challenged for a password. The hot spots I tried were around Hastings St. and Granville St. area. 


Here's info on the City of Vancouver hotspots: Featured Project: #VanWiFi | City of Vancouver  


Thanks for any help.