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IP pass thru 2 routers

Question asked by julian15 on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by kevinds

I have Hitron Modem that has 2 ips assigned.


I decided to use ip pass thru (mac address) I added the 2 MAC's into the modems user interface. Modified the cabling as such Shaw modem/router------ Port 1 of switch , port2 switch--------WAN Port of first router port 3 switch-----to lan port on router repeated for second router  working rec an 184.66.XX.XX dynamic public ip  Hitron is still using public ip wireless is working  2nd router not able to get public ip on wan interface (dhcp turned off on hitron) tried release and renew to no avail. So I put the hitron public ip in as a static assignment in the WAN setting of router 2 this worked so as a test i changed setting on router 2 wan interface back to expecting a DHCP public ip and strangely it now grabbed a third ip 184.66.xx.x.  From my reading the advantage of ip pass thru is you are able to retain wireless functionality of modem .Does that functionality require a third  public ip and how are the wireless client assigned ip's if dhcp is turned off in Modem?  Begining to think solution might be just to bridge router and supply my own wireless of one or both private  subnets.


Thanks for any help