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Is 5kbps or 15 kbps enough to stream 480p video ?

Question asked by tbaycam on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by shaw-tony

 I see in various other website help forums that 5 kbps is considered enough bandwidth speed for up to 720p video from Youtube, Netflix, etc. (The occasional Youtube docu I get usually 480p). Without need to buffer much 1st if at all and little if any additional pause buffering during stream playing. Such help sites suggest if you might do other things on net at same time like browsing, FB, etc, 15 mbps allows some wiggle room for both. Only suggesting higher like 25-50 mbps for ultra high def 1080 and 4k.

  Has anyone used these speeds and or know if this is usually true and sufficient for wired modem ethernet to pc to hdmi cord to tv ?