Shaw Robot Ads

Discussion created by mem on Jun 15, 2018

I have never, from Day One, liked your weird robot ads.  I complained a few times but have never received and explanation or other response.
I am especially irritated now by the ‘surfer’ ad with its Southern Drawl robot.  Duh!  Why?  Who could possibly be attracted, persuaded, influenced, impressed or sold by an ad like this?   It just looks and sounds so bad/boring/offensive/stupid.  To whom are you tryong to appeal? 

This is Canada.  We do not speak like that!  Why are we being subjected to this crap?  

When are you likely to get rid of these stupid, irritating ‘bots’?  Whose probably very expensive idea was it?  How long are you locked into it? You may be rid of me before you get rid of the bots.  I’m already furious with your tie to TSN, and so it isn’t going to take much for me to drop Shaw.