Norton unable to filter ports 995 and 587; Webmail not picking SPAM up either

Discussion created by azsnowbird on Jun 24, 2018

Hi, we live in the USA half time so subscribe to a streaming service there. We are able to watch our subscribed service while in Canada using a VPN. While back in Canada, we are with Shaw for TV and internet. Using a different VPN service this year, I discovered that no emails sent to my Shaw contacts were being received by them. The VPN service had me use ports 995 and 587 and I am able to send and receive. Unfortunately, neither Shaw nor Norton are filtering the SPAM so it's landing in my inbox. I have setup SPAM filters in Webmail, however, the junk keeps coming into my inbox both on Webmail and Outlook.


Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to avoid the SPAM?


Norton won't fix this for customers because these ports are for encryption.


Any help would be appreciated as I've hit a roadblock!