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Question asked by dissatisfiedcust on Jun 29, 2018

The tv show season 4 is playing now on knowledge tv. The last episode I recorded last week was episode 5 of 6 of the show. The next one and final for the season should be playing sunday night. It does not show up in my schedule for shows upcoming shows. Going to Sunday night through shaw guide it shows instead season 4 episode 1 instead of season 4 episode 6. I have the knowledge guide an in that it shows episode 4/6 should be playing. As that is a repeat anyone who has it as a new show will miss it, if it indeeds plays as it should. On Sunday night will Whitechapel season  4 episode 6 play or season 4 episode 1 play. I manually set it to record so I will catch it either way, hate to think other fans will miss the last of the season because the guide is screwed up.