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BGP Peering

Question asked by b_m_wilson on Jun 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by kevinds

I know the answer is probably no but I occasionally see network engineers on here so I thought I might ask.

Basically, I have been playing around with networking for a while now. I’m part of a group where we all connect to each other with VPNs (usually GRE) and use BGP to route private sumbnets between us (usually a /24 from Now that I have got some experience I decided to go ahead and get a public ASN and some IP space. I got the resources from RIPE due to the low costs. My ASN is 202313 (removed external link- moderator) which is currently showing less than my normal number of peers). I so far only have a v6 subnet but I am working on getting my ameuter radio license so I can get some AMPRnet v4 space.

I wondered if it was at all possible to peer with Shaw over a Shaw residential internet connection. I have a few friends that have done it with Bell and Teksavy or whatever it’s called so I thought it was worth a shot.


Some background: I’m a student at Semiahmoo Secondary and I am very interested in networking so I have been playing around with different routing software (so far: OPNsense, pfsense, VyOS, and Router OS) with my online group that I mentioned earlier. I’m not a business nor am I planning on hosting any services on those addresses. I mostly just want to have some fun an experiment.