Intermittent internet access.

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I have such terrible internet access (Internet 150 package) that it is causing so much time to be wasted trying to troubleshoot and to work with the SHAW helpdesk agents, co-ordination etc. Before everything, a bit about what I do for a living, I am a data and a voice network engineer with over 15 years of experience in the field. So for any upcoming replies from SHAW, please spare me the same mundane end-user troubleshooting questions such as, have you rebooted the modem, etc. as all that and more has been done as you'll read below:


I have had intermittent internet access for over 2 weeks now. During internet downtime I lose several pings to the Hitron and / or Cisco modem/router over wired Ethernet connection which is connected directly on the back of the modem to my laptop. Internet might go off for a few minutes, sometimes upto 30 minutes. Rebooting the modem momentarily resolves it and then we are back to no internet and the cycle continues. So far have had 3 site visits by Shaw Tech and the issue isn't resolved. 


1 : Was asked to change the Hitron modem (CGNM-2250) from the local SHAW outlet. Did that, changed the modem, replaced with the same model HITRON and same intermittent access.


2: tech visit number 1 which was 2 days later: Tech. changed the splitter, changed the port our line is connected to in the outside SHAW distribution closet. Works for the 2 minutes that he was here after he did that. Back to the same intermittent access once he is gone.


3: Tech. visit number 2 which was another 2 days later: He re crimped the connector on the wall outlet. more troubleshooting in the SHAW distribution closet. Change the Hitron modem again with another Hitron. Once tech. is gone, same intermittent access. He recommended changing the drop cable from the SHAW closet to the garage.


4: Tech. visit number 3 which was another 5 days later. This time I asked the foreman ,who called prior to arriving, to change the Hitron modem with the Cisco modem suspecting that HITRON firmware issues. He brought in Cisco DPC3848V and replaced it. Once he is gone, same intermittent access.


Just got off another extra long support call with SHAW to arrange for the SHAW Maintenance crew to visit and change the drop. Obviously their notes were not in order so had to explain the whole story once again and again being asked to reboot the modem, etc. Very frustrating.


This is getting ridiculous with us having to visit the local library to look for SHAW OPEN so that we could meet our deadlines. Spending numerous hours on the phone trying to get to an agent and explain the story several times is very very frustrating. 

Can you guys provide remotely reliable internet to your home customers? Can you fix it for good?


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Edit: We have SHAW cable TV running off of the same drop and we have not experienced any pixelation or quality degradation on the TV.


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