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MeTV in Alberta

Question asked by jmnm on Jul 6, 2018
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MeTV Network (Memorable Entertainment Television) features programming from the 1960’s and 1970’s. More information can be found about it at:


I'm told by the MeTV provider in Spokane WA there is nothing preventing (technical or otherwise) Shaw cable in Alberta carrying MeTV. The fibre lines to Alberta are in place and the capacity is available. I have also checked with the CRTC and they confirmed there is nothing regulatory that would prevent Shaw cable from picking up MeTV in Alberta. I have also had several conversations with Shannon from Shaw Cable early this year. She checked at Shaw and confirmed my research.


Simply put it is just a case of Shaw making the decision to carry MeTV in Alberta. Several US networks recognize the popularity of TV shows from the 1960s either by rerunning them or having revivals. Last Christmas CBS had specials on by the Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett TV shows. They reran them because of good ratings. MeTV in Spokane is in the same building as the ABC affiliate and I have been told there has been numerous occasions that MeTV has gotten better ratings than the ABC affiliate. Deja View on Channel 139 which we subscribe to pales by comparison. The amount of retro shows in the US is staggering. Here in Canada they've almost all been forgotten.


I grew up with many of those old shows and it would great to be able to see some of them again


We would like to have MeTV in the Shaw Edmonton coverage area ASAP!