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Pace DC758D

Question asked by rusty2112 on Feb 22, 2013
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I am having problems with my cable box/pvr. I am not getting any picture on the display. I did unplug and replugged the until as a SOP. I had the shaw tech reboot the unit from their end as well. All conections and settings are correct. He mentioned that it might be the hdmi cable. I only had a component cable, but it was burried and I let the tech go so I could go find it and try it. He said if the compenent cable works then the hdmi cable should be replaced. I try the compenent cable and it worked, so I went and bought a new hdmi cable, BUT that doesn't work either (on any of the TV hdmi imputs). Now I'm thinking that the hdmi jack in the cable box is hooped!! Has this happened to anyone? Please advise.


PS: The cable box and HD seem to be functioning as I see recordings be executed via the recording indicator light.