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Email not working since Feb 24th. Even after switching from to

Question asked by pjoya on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by steveatk

On the night of Feb. 24th our outgoing email server stopped working, and after some diagnosing we found the following email settings document on the web:

Apple OS X Mail

... which suggests using as an outgoing server instead.


However, we've been through this document several times while trying to configure the outgoing (SMTP) mail server and we've found that the server will only reply that the name and password are invalid. We can still receive mail from the POP server, and we've confirmed that the username and password are valid with Shaw webmail.


We weren't notified about a changeover from the regional servers to the server and were upset that we had to find this out through a google search. Is anyone else having similar problems in migrating from the local/regional mail server settings? We've been forced to use webmail today and yesterday and would like to know if the problem is really just ours or a problem with Shaw's servers.