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Shaw help for connecting WiFi

Question asked by tesmept on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by shaw-lance

I want to connect a router (D-Link 650) to my modem so I can set up a wireless home network. The Shaw help site "setting up a wireless Network" appears to me to be saying that the Shaw modem is wireless and goes on to say that I need to knoe the SSID # and Pre-Shared Key # and the documentation even shows a label that is supposed to be located on the 'wireless' modem.

Well - my Shaw modem is hardwired to my PC. The label on it gives me a Mac I D # and WPS Pin #. Therefore, I do not understand the Shaw description of how to set up a 'wireless' network. I would think that I want my internet cable going to my Shaw modem.  From there an ethernet cable to my router to my Desktop PC. I then set up a network so my laptop and MS Surface can share and talk to each other, print, etc.

Am I incorrect?  Does the Shaw help documentation say 'wireless modem' but that is not what they are referring to?


I have just purchased a Nexus 7, and I know that it is very sensitive about having the correct 'MAC Address' in order for it to function properly. Well, I am faced with having Mac Addresses all over the place (modem, PC, D-Link router) and I need to know which address is the priority one and how many of the other have to be changes. I am currently very confused.


Can you please help.