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Gateway intermittent video corruption/pixelization.

Question asked by gwnorth on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on May 12, 2013 by bubbles

We have had the Gateway system for just over a year now.  The system has had an intermittent video problem since we first got it with live and recorded playback.  It may go days with no problems noticed but usually a few times a day we will see brief video skips and/or video corruption/pixelization while watching live or recorded playback.  If we rewind the pause or recorded buffer and replay the same section it occasionally is fine but usually repeats the same issues identically.


Occasionally the problem persists through a significant part of a show and it becomes unwatchable.  The latest incident was a severe video corruption/pixelization over an extended time during two shows recorded on the same channel, same night, back to back.  We had to watch these shows from the 3400 since the video problems were so bad on the Gateway.  We have seen the same issues on various HD and SD channels so it does not appear to be channel specific unless it is a specific range of channels.  We see the same issues on various TVs in the house (2 - HDMI, 2 - composite) so it is not specific to a TV or an HDMI specific issue.  The signal readings from the Gateway diagnostics for all 6 tuners have all shown good levels when I have checked them in the diagnostics menu.


We have had Shaw techs out quite a while back and they have not resolved this problem.  We were lead to believe this was a video source problem.  We also have a dcx3400 and, recently, I have been recording many of the same shows we record on the Gateway to be able to compare the two systems when problems occur.  This has been very enlightening since with very few exceptions, the recordings of the same shows, same time, same channel on the 3400 do not have any of the video problems we experience on the Gateway system.   This leads me to believe that the video source is fine and the signal to our house is fine or that the Motorola box is more forgiving of source issues than the Gateway.


What would be the best next step to get this resolved?