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Terrible lag of mail delivery to Blackberry (Rogers)

Question asked by scrichton70 on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by shaw-lance

Any others experiencing this??   I know through my own personal network of friends that I am not the only Shaw/Rogers user who is experiencing this and growing increasingly frustrated by it.


I have been on the phone extensively with Rogers regarding this as my lags are anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour and 25 minutes to receive on my BB after the email has received in Outlook on my PC.  It makes conducting any sort of business or communications via one's Blackberry and using a email address incredibly frustrating.


Rogers escalated this to RIM on my behalf as I had the ticket open for about a week or so.  Everything has come back pointing at Shaw and the mail servers on Shaw's end.  Rogers even replicated my BB account in their own in house test environment and found the same problems with emails.  Hotmail etc all seem to be delivered without a lag to my BBerry but the shaw is brutal and quite frankly a real annoyance.


As a reference.....this is the last message I got with both Rogers and RIM working on the issue; all pointing back to Shaw.

We got the following reply from RIM (Blackberry)

"- called RIM, opened ticket INC000026196620

- RIM rep confirmed that RIM BIS servers are
intermittently getting an error when trying to contact the users mailbox at

- this is not an error that they can correct, they are
either being declined by shaw or nothing is responding

- they did not have any tickets opened regarding known
issues connecting to shaw servers

- they advised the user to contact shaw

- shaw probably has multiple email server IP addresses
all routing from, possibly one or more of these servers is not responding,
or the users mailbox is not properly setup on all of them"

According to RIM, it is an issue on shaw servers with
your email account. You will have to call shaw and shaw tech. support should be
able to fix the issue.