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Cannot find page for changing services.

Question asked by butsyboy on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

I have been trying to find out how to remove some services on my internet account. I forgot I agreed to try "extreme" for a month,about 3 mos. ago, and am yet to really see any benefit from it. For an extra $10/mo, I very rarely see any speeds above 20Mbps, and most times run in the 13Mbps-17Mbps. Peek times can get down to 7Mbps or less. Have tried all suggested remedies, safe mode etc, tcp/ip booster....  Nothing helps. Have even tried son's new laptop, and speeds are same. So I see no sense in paying the extra $10/mo, when I am obviously not getting any extreme speeds. I suspect my area being 50km or so away from Hamilton base, is biggest reason for not being able to obtain extreme speeds.

Oh yah, Sorry, so is there a page I can go to in order to cancel the extreme feature and go back to high Speed 20 ?