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Shaw VOD from outside shaw network

Question asked by lipe123 on Mar 1, 2013
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We have a small scale wireless ISP south of Edmonton for people on acreages and we are experiencing a lot of problems with our customers that have shaw satellite tv subscriptions and then subsequently trying to use the VOD feature through our network.


We have 2 basic plans which is 4mbs and 6mbs download speeds. We can offer even faster to some customers but the problem is that even if we set our customers to "unlimited" which can go up to 10mbs and yet when we look at their connections it only uses 1.5-3.5mbs and refuses to go higher.


They can do tests to our internal speedtest and even at their rated 4 or 6 mb speeds but when trying to use VOD it always sais they only have a download speed of 1 - 1.5mb (which is the lowest point in the speed test graph when I look at it as it runs, the real average would be closer to 3mb)


In all instances its from Smart TV's not their computers, I have them connecting it directly via LAN Cable and not wireless.


I did a trace on the connections and it connects them to servers in Vacouver, which should be perfectly fine because the majority of our bandwidth comes from Teksavy in Vancouver also!


I'm a bit at a loss here trying to provide support to our customers but even when I give them 5 gazillion mbs to work with their TV's never try to use more than 3.5, whats going on here?