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Appreciation :) Being Here...

Question asked by imeegracel on Mar 2, 2013
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One last silly question?

What is the difference between Deleting and Deactivating the accounts in here?

Okay! I really hate to ask this kind of question over here in community forum as you all see,  obviously, I am one of those who are advocating and loves to hear positive feedbacks - experiences  to be shared in here. I am so glad to be part of this growing wholesome community but unfortunately, there are things that sometimes no matter what, it will end up to be out of  our control.

As much as possible, I don't want and I hate calling Shaw's phone customer support and talking to anyone from there, that's why I've tried askIng it here.

FYI that's the reason why I'm leaving Shaw after close to 8 years I've been with them.

Just based in my personal experiences with those years with Shaw, I found that Customer  Representatives or  Customer Agents over the Phone support are so Carefree and Careless  about  keeping customer  or customer interest. [They always have had that kind of attitude behaviours,] "You Leave or You Stay" Shaw is still Shaw I am so sad of leaving community support. I learnt  a lot from here. I like the friendship, dynamic and sharing of ideas, the excitement of simple and important things. Even things that doesn't  involve  and nothing to do with anyones activities of daily living turn into fun events.

I can't forget the process and the journey of me, getting the Gateway. I Thank you everyone for that.


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