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Can't Watch Any Channels and No Listings

Question asked by cableboxhelp on Mar 3, 2013
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I've been having this problem for about a week, but I haven't had time to resolve it till now.


We have 2 other cable boxes in the house and both are working fine. The one I'm having an issue with is a DCT (I believe that's the model). I am unable to view any channels; whenever I try putting a channel on the message is "ONE MOMENT PLEASE This channel should be available shortly" and that is all I can see (after a while it goes into screensaver mode). In addition to this the listings (the Guide) are all "TO BE ANNOUNCED" and the time display is incorrect (stays on 12:00m). I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but that didn't help.


Any help is appreciated and thank you in advanced.