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Gateway problems for months

Question asked by markrjohnson on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by kevinds

We've had intermittent loss of signal on our Gateway since it was installed over a year ago!

In November 2012, a tech moved the Gateway, rewired most of the Portals, and replaced the splitter and filter.

In February, another tech replaced the drop from the lane.  It had been pulled off the house in the windstorm last fall, and there was concern that it may have been damaged.


Now, it's really getting annoying.

After a week of good performance, we were unable to watch or record the Oscar ceremonies because the picture was tearing up and freezing frequently.

We called Shaw, and after online checks, the best they could do was to book an appointment for FRIDAY, 5 DAYS LATER!


Oddly enough, from Monday through Friday we had no problems at all.  The techs arrived to find nothing wrong, but they checked everything out, and said they would move us to another port on the distribution box in the lane.


All was fine until Sunday night - exactly one week after the Oscar program fiasco - and the picture was tearing and freezing again.

Even playback of known good recordings was not working!


By Monday morning, all is well again, recordings play back fine and live TV works perfectly!


What is happening on Sunday evenings?