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Broadband 100, Only once have i seen anything above 50mb/sec

Question asked by kodilott on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by shaw-matt

Okay so, i got this internet package in September. I got it because everyone in my family uses internet non stop. I got the BroadBand100 so i could play games, kids could play games and watch videos on iPods and such, dad could watch videos and mom could go on Facebook. Its now March and i have never had this luxury once. Only time i do is if I'm the ONLY  one online and its like 10PM or later. i Live in Vancouver Island Canada BC. Even when its just me by my self online, i still get lag issues where my ping will just shoot up to 400+ and wont go down even if no one is on but me. I wont have anything running except the game, no ones computer is on. I'm directly hooked up and the only thing running on my computer is my game and still lags, restart the router doesn't do anything either. I have ran multiple speed tests from September till now and i usually got around 10mb/sec. i should be getting around 100. i pay almost $90.00 JUST FOR INTERNET and i get the same connection that the cheapest internet connections would get. i have sent multiple support chats, every shaw person says to trouble shoot. yeah i have done all of them. doesn't do anything. I have been into electronics and computers games and basically everything electronics since i was 5 years old. so its not that i don't know what I'm doing either. Honestly reading into shaw's plans they say "UP TO 100mb/sec" which really means, "you pay 90 for your UP TO 100mb/sec and we will give you 5-15mb/sec" so stupid I'm probably going to switch ISP if i don't get some help and it stays from there on out. speed test.png