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DCT700 suddenly S0a00 error, no picture on all channels, 2 days in a row

Question asked by bcb on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by shaw-matt

two days in a row now (yesterday afternoon and first thing this morning) I turn on my DCT700 SD terminal and find that ALL channels have no picture and instead display the S0a00 error message "One moment please, This channel should be available shortly".


meanwhile the channels on all my other TVs (DCX3500, DCX3200. DCT6200) are all fine


a quick power cycle of the DCT700  immediately restored all channels, although of course the guide data was empty and had to reload. So I had to power cycle it yesterday and again this morning.

Good thing I'm quite used to power cycling my other new Shaw equipment regularly. perhaps the DCT700 is feeling left out of all the fun and attention...


this DCT700 has worked flawlessly since I got it a few months ago (unlike the 3200 & 3510 !)

so why suddenly the problem?