Please, help me wrap my brain around these issues.....

Discussion created by gamerguy on Mar 6, 2013
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I have a couple issues I'm rather annoyed by.


1. I've been recording Stargate SG-1. At some point in the series, they switched from filming in 4:3 SD to 16:9 HD. Funny thing is some episodes appear in 16:9, but are letter-boxed on all four sides. When it first switched to 16:9 from 4:3 the first 8-12ish episodes did this letter-boxing. Then it went full screen, for a few episodes, then one episode out of the blue was fully letter-boxed, again, just to go full screen the next episode. *wash rinse repeat*


So I emailed the Space station asking what was going on. The response was "SD episodes will be letter-boxed" s*** Sherlock. These are HD episodes however. Frankly I was not impressed by the email I received so I come here to ask, WTH is going on??? Why does it keep switching between full screen HD and letter-boxed HD? I am watching "Memento Mori", letter-boxed on 4 sides as I type this. Yet, when I look it up on IMDb this is what the technical details say:


Film negative format (mm/video inches)

Video (HDTV)

HDTV, not SDTV, but, why the letter-boxing???


Oh, hey look, "Company of Thieves", the very next episode in the series is full screen HD as are both parts of "The Quest" after that.


I'd really like to know why this is happening.



2. So, Big Brother Canada aired recently. It's been advertised as "Only on Slice"...(which is SD only) why do I have the first episode on Global, in HD????


Why did Global air one episode, again, in HD, then drop it? Bait and switch?


Why would I pay for Slice, to get an SD feed (16:9 letter-boxed on all 4 sides like the aforementioned SG-1 episodes.) when Global aired an HD episode.....I mean, really?  Why only 1 episode? What was the point?


If Slice has no HD option, then it should not be "Only on Slice" in my opinion.


Sure, I can watch it online, but I don't want to, it's not as convenient as having it on my PVR/large TV screen. If I wanted to watch TV online, I wouldn't pay for cable.


So yeah, need help understanding because at the moment I am rather confused, as well as annoyed.



(....and to top it off Memento Mori has several large skips in the recording....*sigh*.... )