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Shaw total home portal video problem - green tint

Question asked by betaboy00 on Mar 6, 2013
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Anyone ever encountered the problem where the video output on the total home portal having some green tint to it?

For example, the faces on people looks greenish, and I can see shades on the images.


My home portal is connected to my TV via HDMI.


I've switched HDMI cable, switched HDMI input, but the images shown on the TV still have green tint and shades.


My other home portal does not have this problem. So the problem is not the Gateway.


I watched Bluray and streamed movies to the TV,  there are no green tint to the video. So I can deduce the TV is not the problem.



Initially this problem is resolved with a reboot of the Gateway and Portal. The problem went away for a few weeks.

Now it's back, and I've tried numerous reboot and it didn't solve it this time.


Another thing I find out, the portal doesn't always connect to the gateway on every reboot. i.e. i have to reboot a few times before it reconnects(showing the time on the portal) to the gateway.


I wonder if I have a faulty home portal.