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TSN Channel 225 (Wpg) breakup on Gateway, OK on DCX3400

Question asked by kritiker on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by shaw-lance

For the past few days (some of) the curling matches I have recorded (TSN) HD have had significant audio and video break up.


Today I checked channel 225 and indeed, the audio and video were breaking up as I watched live on my Gateway/Portal system. The problem occurs on three Portals, two connected to TVs by HDMI cables and the other by Component cables.


When I cheked the same channel coming in to my DCX3400 however, it was rock solid, both audio and video. Other channels, including TSN2 HD on 226  are all OK as far as I can tell.


I do have a call in to Tech Support. They have transferred me (currently waiting - no call-back offered-I'm up to 20 minutes. I almost got a rep, rang but then back to hold music) to the Gateway team in Calgary Vancouver.


Any ideas?