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Internet Connection Dropping

Question asked by billfisto on Mar 6, 2013
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I had a new Shaw cable internet and digital television package installed last Wednesday, and I've been having nothing but trouble with the internet connection since.  The speeds seem fine, but seemingly at random, seven to eight times a day, the internet connection will just drop out.  I will be downloading something or watching Netflix and the modem will just lose connection with the internet.  It will normally re-establish its connection within a minute or two, but it drops whatever I was doing at the time.


This seems to happen mostly when I'm downloading files larger than about 30 megs, or if I'm streaming things - it seems like the connection just trips over itself and stumbles.


I'm also finding I'm having major issues when trying to download things on my iPhone/Android tablet/PSVita - downloads will get about halfway, then the connection will drop, or the download will seem to complete, but I will receive a message saying the installation cannot be completed.  When trying to update one Android app, it gives me a message saying a checksum could not be completed, so I fear the data I'm getting through the modem may be corrupted or something.


It's important to note that this is not a WiFi issue - my computer is directly connected to the modem with an ethernet cable, and when the connection drops the little networking icon shows it's still connected, but there's no internet access.


When the tech installed the modem/TV box he used a splitter, so I'd thought that this may be at fault.  Taking off the splitter and connecting the modem directly to the wall seemed to help for about five hours, but then around 9:00pm last night the connection dropped and all the downloading issues reared their head again.  I've already phoned and emailed support and they had me disconnect and reconnect everything.  They also did something remotely to the modem, but nothing is working.  Please assist if you can, as this is ridiculous.