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What is the difference between a bridged modem and half bridged modem?

Question asked by meganbarnes on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by shaw-matt

As well my neighbours internet went offline as well same time mine went down so I am logging in with my old dsl account and wondering why I lost my internet when I had the modem bridged?  I can't get internet with this modem and the new modem I got still refuses to create a modem solution where the customer can change the dns servers.  I specifically asked for a modem which would allow the ability to change the dns servers I still got a custom firmware horse pucky that might as well been a steamer.  I sent my old modem back to shaw " Which I never got to try in bridge mode "  This device still wants to spy on my dns lookups.


Epic Fail.


But I still dont have internet and want to know what the heck is half-bridge and full-bridge mode.  Yup spying its come to that I really am using the word now.


At this point I would have to wonder if these are canadian's spying on me as well.  Sorry but this is really ridiculous what I was sent what happen to Motorola?  Motorola had a solution which you could layer internals in bridge mode that forced the external ip and it use to work fine but then shaw it appears decide to switch manufactures which I would suggest has is not the same as the logo.


I am very upset that people are this desperate to watch what I surf online.