Internet 300 Experience So Far

Discussion created by cortexian on Jul 15, 2018
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in and make a quick post on how Internet 300 has been so far. I'll keep it brief here, but there's some important information I think people should know if they're switching to Internet 300 right now.


  • Internet 300 requires you change your Shaw account over to a new internal billing system.
    • There are some issues migrating the old to new systems causing delays.
  • Internet 300 requires the Arris XB6 modem. Nothing else will work.
    • The XB6 has some funky issues in the new billing system. Adding it to a Shaw account has some pretty severe service outage issues.


As noted in the bullet points, I experienced some issues getting everything going. What should of been a phone call to Shaw to switch the plan over, unplugging and returning my old modem, then picking up and installing the new modem over the span of an hour or two, stretched into a 26 hour affair. Skip the quoted section if you don't care about my setup woes and just want service details.


Setup Woes:

The first rep I talked to on the phone said he setup the account for Internet 300, and organized my old modem return+pickup of the new modem. Got to the store, reiterated to the rep in store I was switching to Internet 300. Got home and installed the Hitron modem I was given. Unknown to me, this was the wrong modem. After letting it sit for about 10 minutes and not getting an external IP provisioned, I called into Shaw. The technical support rep I got told me that Internet 300 wasn't on my account, required a switch to the new billing system, and that the modem I had been given was the wrong model... Awesome, so literally everything the first rep I talked to on the phone did was incorrect.


So I go back to the Shaw store, and try to exchange the Hitron for the Arris XB6 I actually need. Requires a bunch of messing around, calling in to Shaw reps to get the account migrated to the new billing system which kept messing up... Eventually get migrated over, and the store rep tries to add the XB6 to my successfully migrated account... Doesn't work. Some internal error is stopping her from adding the modem. It's about store closing time at this point so she makes a note of the serial number on my account and releases the XB6 to me. Says it won't activate and get online though until the error is resolved, likely the next day.


Next day rolls in, about no Shaw service for 14 hours now due to the account migration issues and XB6 issuing issues. Was expecting a call back from the Shaw rep I called into the previous evening to get the account migrated. Never get a callback. Call in myself around 10am. First rep I talk to says it looks like the XB6 has made progress in being activated on my account but there's still some errors popping up. He tries to get it going and it starts to time out, says he'll call me back in an hour after it hopefully updates. No call back.


So I call again after two and a half hours, get a new technical support rep on the phone. Similar conversation: XB6 is having some issues activating on my account. Says he will definitely need to talk to another department and call me back. I explained I've been told be two other reps that they'd call me back and didn't. He promised to call me back ASAP with an update. Actually calls back in the allotted time frame! Phone call lasts 78 minutes and by the time we're done, everything is working and he learned some things about provisioning the XB6 himself (it's relatively new, his first time working with one).


Things I can confirm about Internet 300 and the XB6 modem:


  • Can be bridged.
    • Requires Shaw to provision bridge mode before the option will show up in the modem control panel.
  • While bridged, it will work with up to two IP addresses.
    • Distributing multiple IPs from a residential connection like this is done by distributing different IPs to the modem LAN ports. Those then run into a gateway that can push them out to different LAN networks or VLANs. The XB6 only has two LAN ports, so it can only support two IPs. Unless the two "VOIP" ports get set as extra LAN ports in bridged mode. Not sure.
  • PUMA 6 flaw isn't a problem with the XB6.
  • Bufferbloat might still be an issue on the upstream. Will need to diagnose further with a direct connection to the XB6. Right now my pfSense gateway machine is creating some upstream bloat itself. Fixed it by using CODEL traffic shaping to define the upstream bandwidth.


Some results:



As you can see, A/A+ ratings across the board. Now that it's actually setup, the service being provided is excellent compared to what is advertised. With CODEL traffic shaping disabled, I've hit 25~ Mbps peaks on the upstream, with bufferbloat and definitely not consistent though.


I wouldn't complain if they bumped the Internet 300 upstream to 30 Mbps to match Business Internet 300 (odd that all the other plans match their business counterparts except for Internet 300). Especially considering that if you're in a Telus PureFibre area Shaw's plans don't even hold a candle...



Now that Shaw has DOCSIS 3.1 deployed, I really hope we'll see some 75/75 and 150/150 plans AT THE VERY MINIMUM to compete at these price points. DOCSIS 3.1 should be able to handle up to 10 Gbps downstream and 2 Gbps upstream, so 75/75 and 150/150 really isn't asking that much. Obviously a 300/300 wouldn't be that far outside the ballpark either. Heck, 500/500 should be attainable.

corbin any idea if we'll be seeing any plans like what I'm hoping for above? Can the Shaw DOCSIS 3.1 architecture support them?