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Does Telus , Radiant, Shaw all share 66.*.0.* gateways?

Question asked by toofast on Mar 6, 2013
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I was just wondering if this common element I seem to keep stumbling upon has something to do with the packages shaw offers.


For a while I was on the 1MBS 49.99 then the gap was insane to the lowest residential pacakage is still 10MBS? Why is this so fast.  Im actually upset that there is no reasonable option and all the ISP's seem to have made the competition ridiculous.  My life and career is not on the line but I to a pretty daring jump moving to shaw from telus.  It would appear to me with the problems I have have are not the ISP's fault I think there is something more sinister going on.  And the BC Ferries billing in cohorts with Telus?  A cable company with dsl packages?  This is all quite frankly scaring the hell out of me.


Why are there so many? 14 choices?  Can we all agree on a internet package that makes sense for people that dont want to put there life on the line it seems to go fast while others seem happy with just delivering on what they promise.


The choice is clear to me.  I feel the only one I can trust is myself shaw and telus seem to be happy frustrating all of use with things they cant seem to deliver on and literally punish the customer yet again for the reality that the choice is just not good enough. 


So back to my question so it sounds less like a rant and more like someone that is frustrated in what appears to be collusion....  And this guy on CNN today with the gun running is scaring me as well.


NO wonder he is hiding his true fame. Scary