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can i set up an existing shaw email account that is on a desktop to a laptop that is not webmail?

Question asked by montybond on Mar 7, 2013
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Hey guys,


My dad has a shaw email account on his desktop,  he would like me to make it accessable on his laptop.  Both computers run windows 7 and the desktop email is windows live 2011.  He has  webmail  with shaw but would like his lap top to have the same windows live 2011 program and email account that he uses on his desktop pc. Is that possible?


After reading support sections, I need a few things clarified.  Can I configure his laptop to the same email account on his desk top or is that help section for new email accounts only?  Can I set up his laptop to access his email account similiar to a mobile phone and if so, which instructions do I follow to do that?  I would appreciate any advice.  I have only ever set up my old blackberry and that was a while ago.