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Webmail - What exactly does the 'Spam' button do?

Question asked by micraman on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by micraman

I'm generally very careful that I don't use my Shaw email accounts to subscribe to anything, but somewhere along the way, I started getting spammed by Consumer Lifestyles. 1-3 spam messages a day hasn't been much of a problem and I've been marking them as 'Spam' in Webmail and they've been deleted. Unfortunately, they have pummeled me with spam messages today; so far totaling 40.


When pulling up the Consumer Lifestyles website, they offer absolutely no form of correspondence, nor do they give an opportunity to unsubscribe. In fact, every single link on the site (no matter what it is) takes you to their order page. I've looked on the net and the only suggestion that anyone's found a way to reduce/eliminate annoying messages from Consumer Lifestyles, only works on phone calls and not email.


All I'm wondering is: other than deleting messages, when you label them as spam, does Webmail do anything at all to reduce the chances of getting the same messages again? It would appear as though this is my only hope.