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Are TV splitters different depending on whether you have an SD or HD box?

Question asked by killerkoala on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by kevinds

Before I go running out to get a new TV splitter from Shaw, I have a question for you all. Here's my story:


My original cable TV setup was that I had one cable wire split so that one cable went to a TV connected to a SD box and the other connected to a PVR in my Windows XP Media Center Edition PC. I didn't have any issues with this setup. Yesterday though I started renting the new HD digital boxes due to the network upgrade. I installed everything properly but the HD wouldn't activate. I contacted Shaw support last night and they told me they couldn't connect to the box (it errored out). Their last suggestion was try and connect to the box directly (bypassing the splitter). Unfortunately, I was recording a show on the PVR at the time so I couldn't do it so I said I would try it today.


So my problem is if the Digital Box activates and works fine without the splitter that would indicate the splitter is the problem. But the splitter works fine now, so do you need a special/new splitter that works with HD devices? I was under the impression all splitters were the same.