After 15yrs with Shaw, it's time to move on due to terrible support

Discussion created by sndchsr on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by kevinds

Does anyone know what could be blocking me from remotely accessing my home computers and NAS?? Got a replacement modem from Shaw (Cisco DPC3825) and nothing but problems. I have my own router with tons of custom configs and I want to keep it. So I called Shaw, had them bridge my modem but for some reason I still cannot RDP to my desktop, or access my NAS or ftp to my servers. This was not an issue when I had my old modem.

Talking to Shaw "support" has been so useless and so time wasting that at this point, my only option it seems is to go with Telus. I've had your incompetent reps tell me "You're on your own", "sorry, I'm not trained on that", "WHAT'S A NAS?????". Ughhhh....


Anyway, I see on my router logs that my domain name is successfully registered with my dns provider so that's not the issue. It seems that the modem is still blocking connections from the outside. Cannot ping my domain, cannot RDP, can't do anything. I've checked the modem configs on its setup page and it is bridged and wireless is off, as my router provides the wireless signal. All firewalls are off.


Can someone suggest something? What am I missing. I absolutely need to be able to access my NAS or ftp to my home computers as I travel for work non stop and need to access various files. Besides, what's the frickin point of having a NAS/FTP if I can't use it.