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Blue Sky Won't Record

Question asked by spiggy_topes on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by shaw-don

This is crazy. Just tried to record the rugby 7's and it would not record no matter what I do. It recorded the other day, Ireland vs New Zealand, but today it won't record. Likewise, I've had episodes of Vera on PBS set up as a series recording, and it's not recording. I tried to record specifically tonight's episode, and that won't record either. The PVR is at 48% full, so it's not a space issue. I was recording episodes of Whitechapel on PBS and it failed to record the last episode maybe two weeks ago. None of these things was available On Demand, so there's no way to watch them now unless they're repeated some time in the future. 


In addition, the old problem is back. Start playback on a recording, and the audio works okay but the picture freezes at the first frame. Exiting and changing channels don't do any good, still shows that first frame of the recording. Only happens occasionally, but when it does it means unplugging and waiting the ten minutes while the thing resets itself. 


Too many flaws by far. It's tempting to go back to the old PVR with only two tuners; it never had any of these problems. If it wasn't that I have a Shaw email address that I rely on, I'd switch to someone else. Maybe it's time I weaned myself off that email address.