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How do you send a simple e-mail to SHAW?  It's ridiculous. Even if I want to send a snail mail to the Head Office for Vancouver or Calgary, what is the name and title of the Customer Service Boss is?!?!

Question asked by astonvilla03 on Jul 24, 2018
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Each month I receive a Low-Income due to the Severe Brain Trauma and Broken Back injuries I sustained in an accident.  My cost was $110.04 per month until May when went up to $122.86.  I tried using the "CHAT", talked to a "CSR" and a Supervisor who said there was nothing he could do to help me to reactivate the Promotional Offer to keep my cost down.  Yet, a "CSR" in Nanaimo 2 years ago was able to do that and help me set up a more Basic TV Plan.


I have already written a regular mail to describe my issues, what has been done in the past and why can't I keep my cost at $110.04?   Although a $12.82 increase x 12 months = $153.84, it is an important amount to challenge my monthly affordable costs.  After a 20+ years Customer, shouldn't lower costs be more available?


I would like to send  my letter to the Vancouver Office and a copy of it to the Calgary Head Office too.  I just need the name(s) and the Title(s) of the people (who's in charge of Customer Service / Supervisors / Operations Manager in-charge etc.)  who I would be sending the letter too.


Thank you for your time and patience.

Lorne R. Thompson (a.k.a: l.t.)