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bridge mode on the XB6 Advanced WiFi Modem

Question asked by vanadiel on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by corbin

I just activated the new XB6 modem, and the helpdesk was unable to turn on bridge mode because it was taking a really long time for the modem to show up on their end.


I knew there was an option to do it yourself, so I told them I would do it myself.


How to configure bridge mode on the BlueCurve Gateway 


I do not have that bridge mode option on that page? I am assuming the firmware I have does not have that feature available to put it in bridged mode?




eMTA & DOCSIS Software Version:
Software Image Name:TG3482SHW_2.3p15s3_PROD_sey
Advanced Services:TG3482G
Packet Cable:2.0