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Really Long Delays with Tickets (Support and Other ISP's)

Question asked by kanehart on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by kanehart

Is it normal for Shaw to take over 5+ Days to Provision a Modem for other companies. I will not state the other company we are in a remote area and sadly forced to use them since the best package offered by shaw is 10 times slower.


But I was suppose to have my new packet setup on the 5th of July then they said there was a delay with the other ISP I was switching from so it was the 10th. Then they said I has asked for it to be delayed to the 20th and that is not true. But either way at noon on the 20th of July Shaw had un provisioned my old modem but never provisioned me new modem. Now it's the 25th still without Internet and I have to wait.


I'm being told Shaw is so backlogged it's over 5+ Days. I mean I'm willing work for you guys remotely at Minimal wage provisioning modems.... It seems insane it takes that long.


Sadly I don't have any other choices like I said Shaw will not offer the same packages as the other ISP's that uses Shaw Lines in our Town.